"The steady progression of my hair thinning has stopped. PRP really works! I love that my hair is getting thicker and thicker, PRP is a great solution to hair loss. Dr Kai is very professional and makes you feel at ease. I'm really glad I made the choice to havePRP treatments.”

- EH, clinical director

"PRP Rejuvenation treatment was the perfect alternative to the traditional Botox and Filler. Along with the PRP, Dr. Kai uses an automated (micro-needling) pen which can be adjusted to different skin depths so that the procedure is pretty painless. My skin and lips have a plumped look to them after the treatment. The wrinkles around my mouth have been greatly reduced. The color and texture have become softer and much more evenly- toned. Thank you Kai, this is the perfect rejuvenating treatment for me."

- CK, Fitness Enterpeneur

"I have had the pleasure of working with Dr Kai Herman to manage my eczema and wrinkles. She has an extensive knowledge of aesthetic medicine as well as numerous healing modalities. She is gifted in the art of needle handling including anything from a blood draw to an injection. I am excited to continue my healing journey with her guidance." 

- AK, Doctor

"I came to Dr. Herman in desperation for relief. I had struggled with food allergies and debilitating digestive issues for years, with no success from various doctors. Dr. Herman compassionately listened to my story, and agreed to help me however she could. She not only did research on what could possibly be causing my illness, but also worked with me to develop a plan to get back to a healthy place. I now feel healthy and happy, and I could not have done that without Dr. Herman." 

- LK, Graduate Student

"If you want a physician to be diligent in their search to identify the root cause of your health challenge, then Dr. Kai Herman is your Doctor!   She collaborated with my other healthcare providers, insuring synergy within all of the modalities. I was so grateful for her compassionate and caring way that she honored my wisdom and inner knowing about my body and well being. It was a partnership that ended in my return to wellness."  

- AZ, Consultant

"Dr. Kai has worked to help me improve my health for over five years.  She is a caring and careful professional who works with you to put together a plan to improve your health.  She seriously considers what you think and believe and then recommends a program which likely will work for you.  She listens to you and takes the time to give you helpful and practical advice.  I feel very lucky to have her as my doctor."  

- HK, Judge

Dr. Herman was the first physician I had seen who listened to my whole heath history and wanted to help me get my health back on track.  She worked with me to determine the source of my health issues. Dr. Herman utilized diet, herbs & nutritional supplements to improve my health. Now, thanks to Dr. Herman, I have energy, my digestive issues are gone and I haven’t caught a cold in months!  I refer all of my family and friends to Dr. Herman because she is amazing!”  

- KD, Executive Assistant