Perform At Your Best.

Whether you're an athlete, a working professional or stay-at home parent, there are many ways to improve your functional potential and increase resiliency against injuries and illness. Dr. Kai uses an array of tools to optimize your physical and mental performance.


Performance Medicine Services Include:

  • Regenerative Injections Including Prolotherapy & PRP
  • IV Nutritional Therapy For Brain Function, Athletic Performance & Recovery
  • Nutritional Assessment and Customized Dietary Planning
  • Stress Management and Lifestyle Strategies
  • Specialized Laboratory Testing
  • Functional Movement Screen and Foot Analysis


Performance Medicine Can Help With:

  • Chronic and Repetitive Injuries
  • Athletic Performance & Recovery
  • Physical & Mental Fatigue
  • Brain Fog
  • Stress Resiliency

Back on My Feet

"Prolotherapy treatments have made a huge difference in my ability to be on my feet. I'm on the go at work and thought I might need to change jobs due to foot pain. Dr. Herman's sensitive and caring work over a number of sessions (injections!) has resulted in great relief from pain and stiffness due to injured ligaments. I am grateful!"  SN


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