Primary Care

Dr. Herman practices as a primary care doctor for many of her patients. A primary care physician (PCP) is the first point of contact for any patient with a new health concern as well as providing continued care for a variety of common conditions. PCPs also perform wellness or annual exams and order screening and specific blood work.


Natural Foot Care

Dr. Herman is passionate about helping her patients get back on their feet, pain free and stronger than before. Utilizing a natural and long-sighted approach to foot care, she has helped treat conditions such as bunions, hammertoes, plantar fascia pain, strains, sprains, and arthritis.

Alternative Medicine

When a more natural approach is preferred and/or conventional treatments have failed, Dr. Herman provides alternative solutions to optimize health and treat stubborn conditions. Alternative and natural methods are the best at addressing the underlying cause as they work with the body to restore health and function.


IV Therapy

IV Nutritional Therapy involves administering key vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants, and other health promoting nutrients directly into the body to quickly improve mood, energy, and immunity. It is a particularly powerful and effective intervention for both acute and chronic illnesses, as well as for those seeking to prevent illness and optimize health.

Sports Medicine

 Dr. Herman employs an array of therapies to facilitate healing and manage pain for new and chronic injuries. She strives to help her patients recover quickly and prevent future injuries. Dr. Herman specializes in running and foot injuries.


Aesthetic Medicine

Aging catches many of us by surprise.  It can leave one feeling like they just don't look like themselves anymore. Platelet-Rich Plasma treatments helps you regain a more youthful appearance without the use of harmful chemicals or unnatural appearing results.